How Are Cervical Cancer And Pregnancy Related?

Cervical Cancer and PregnancyAre you pregnant? Do you have cervical cancer? Then you must read this passage to avoid any further complications on cervical cancer and pregnancy.

Also find a brief description of cervical cancer shot vaccination procedures. Yes, all this and much more in just a few seconds of reading.

If you have tested positive and underwent a treatment procedure for cervical cancer the chances of being pregnant is nil.

Yes unfortunately, after most treatment for this type of cancer, you cannot get pregnant.

This is because if you have had surgery either you have had your womb removed or if you have had radiation therapy your ovaries will have stopped working. Sorry to say, but this is true.

Good News! If you have very early cervical cancer, you may be able to have a cone biopsy. This would mean that because your womb is still intact you can still get pregnant and have a baby.

What if you test positive for cervical cancer during pregnancy? That really sounds painful.

If your cancer is a very early cancer, such as stage IA, then most doctors believe that it is safe to continue the pregnancy to term. But the fact is a small number of cervical cancers are found in pregnant women.

Several weeks after delivery, a hysterectomy or a cone biopsy is recommended .This cone biopsy is suggested only for sub stage IA1 cervical cancer patients.

You and your doctor must decide whether to continue the pregnancy if the cancer is stage IB, then if not, treatment would be radical hysterectomy and/or radiation.

If you decide to continue the pregnancy, the baby should be delivered by cesarean section as soon as it is able to survive outside the womb. Immediate treatment is the safest option for more advanced cancers.

Do you know this? If you are diagnosed with invasive cervical cancer when you are pregnant, what will happen will depend on duration of your pregnancy. Of course what is done will always be your decision in the end.

If you are more than three months pregnant that is in the second or third trimester of pregnancy then your doctor will probably say that you should continue the pregnancy to the end without treatment.

And then have treatment as soon as the baby is born. This will depend on how quickly or slowly cancer is likely to grow according to you doctor’s opinion. It is likely that your doctor will recommend an early caesarian section and removal of the womb as a combined operation.

Please note that your doctor may want to treat you straight away, if you are less than three months pregnant. Your doctor may feel it is too long to leave an invasive cancer without treatment for more than six months. If you do have treatment then your pregnancy will be ended.

Relax! This is an immensely difficult decision to make. No hard and fast rules about it!!

Vaccination? Yes a new vaccine that protects against this disease has set up a clash between health advocates who want to use the cervical cancer shots aggressively to prevent thousands from the dreadful disease

The National Cancer Institute has come up with it. Participants were randomly assigned to receive three cervical cancer shots of an HPV-16. There are other efforts to develop a cervical cancer vaccine, as well.

This vaccine against the disease has moved a step closer towards research on prevention of cervical cancer. They were randomly assigned to receive the three cervical cancer shot vaccine.

By comparison, no one who got all three vaccine cervical cancer shots developed an HPV-16. Good Right!! So check all the possible treatment options for the cervical cancer cure with your doctor right away.