Awareness Campaign Against Colon Cancer

colon cancerIn the United States, colon or rectum cancer is the second most likely cancer to cause death and the National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, being held this month, will strive to increase awareness and encourage people to take up screening programs when offered.

Early symptoms can not be easily detected in colorectal cancer so it is vital that regular screening takes place. There are some preventative measures that can be followed.

For example, an active and healthy lifestyle including a well balanced diet is beneficial. But for the over 50’s it is vital that they find out the medical history in their family relating to this disease. Smokers are at an increased risk from the disease.

Anyone suffering with stomach cramps, thin or bloody stools or unexplained weight loss should be seen by a doctor. These symptoms may not be the cancer but caution is encouraged.

As part of the March awareness campaign, the Marion Regional Healthcare System will be issuing free kits to members of the public. The kit provides a simple test that can be carried out in the privacy of people’s homes.

Colorectal cancer can be cured with early diagnosis but the key to all these types of diseases is public awareness. Early detection of the malignant tumors that grow in the rectum or colon will enable medical intervention to combat the cancer.

Unfortunately, this very aggressive form of cancer, which is almost as widespread as lung cancer, needs to be caught early to prevent lives being lost.