Breakthrough Cancer Test Could Reduce Colorectal Cancers Significantly

A new technique called Flexible Sigmoidoscopy could greatly enhance the ability to detect and arrest cancers of the bowel and rectum, it is reported.

colorectal cancerThe technology uses something called the Flexi-scope, which helps detect early stages of bowel cancer very quickly.

It can also help in removing polyps in the lower section of the colon that could be pre cancerous. This could help two thirds of people who are at a higher risk of developing these cancers.

Colorectal cancers are among the most lethal cancers, and about half of those individuals who are detected to have these cancers, die within 5 years of their diagnosis. Since this testing technique will help detect the cancers at an early stage, it will also help to increase the life expectancy of the cancer sufferer.

It is estimated that this screening procedure will help to save about three thousand lives each year in the UK alone. This technique is being hailed as a breakthrough particularly because of this unique ability to detect and remove pre cancerous polyps.

Researchers are hopeful that it could cut the number of cases of bowel cancer by a third and deaths from the condition by almost 43% among those who undergo screening.