Is there an Alternative Treatment for Colon Cancer Cure?

Colon Cancer CureIf you have colon cancer, the next step for your doctor is to find an appropriate treatment option for the colon cancer cure according to your condition.

The doctor will probably talk to you about various treatment options.

Surgery, don’t panic! Relax!

The main treatment for colon cancer cure is to remove the tumor by surgery.

Chemotherapy is the process of treatment with drugs that kill cancer cells and is often used when there is a risk that the colon cancer will come back.

Radiotherapy (treatment with x-rays that kill cancer cells) may be used either before or after surgery for rectal cancer. Sometimes both radiotherapy and chemotherapy are used after surgery. [Colon Cancer Treatment]

So the combination differs from person to person. The treatment option selection for colon cancer cure is based on the staging of the disease. This is nothing but assigning a stage to your disease according to the condition.

Doctors use a system that puts colon into 1 of 4 stages. These stages are referred to as stage I, stage II, stage III and stage IV.

The stage depends on how deep the cancer is in the wall of the colon and how much the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes or other organs. The lymph nodes are the small structures in the body that produce and store cells that fight infection.

Stage I cancer of the colon means that the tumor is only in the inner layer of your colon and has not spread further through the wall of your colon. Stage I cancer has a good chance of being cured.

For this stage of colon cancer, the cure rate with surgery alone is high. Good thing is that chemotherapy and radiotherapy are usually not needed in this stage.

Now you want to know what are the complementary & colon cancer alternative treatments available apart the above mentioned common treatment methods for colon cancer cure.

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine is dedicated to exploring complementary and colon cancer alternative treatments practices in the context of rigorous science; training CAM researchers; and disseminating authoritative information.

Going Herbal Way! Let’s look into the Herbal Medicine, its uses and abuses. Huge numbers of people take herbs and vitamins, but very little is known scientifically about either their effectiveness or their safety.

It is assumed by the public that something that is “natural” must be safe, but keep in mind that when you take a herb that you are ingesting a chemical that has a biologically active function.

This function may be safe for some people, but not for others just like prescription drugs, and in some dosages may have serious side effects. Finally one needs to remember that the safety of herbal medicines in pregnancy is largely unknown.

Stories of Hope, Courage and Struggle! Colon Cancer Survivors Stories!

There are various foundations, support groups and organizations giving a supporting hand for the needful with respect to funds for treatments, moral support, giving suggestions to overcome the disease and much more.

They offer you with clear explanations and offer you choices regarding your treatment options and do everything they can to help you reach your goal of adding your name to the list of colon cancer survivors.

Although all of their journeys were different, the colon cancer survivors have one thing in common. They all reached out to various centers and found what they were looking for in a treatment facility.

The ultimate aim of these survivors is to find a better approach for colon cancer cure either by the common methods or by the colon cancer alternative treatments. Strong will power, determination and courage! This is the ultimate truth of journey of all the colon cancer survivors.