Top 3 Colon Cancer Chemotherapy Facts You Should Know

Every year, hundreds of people die of colon cancer. Considered as the fifth common cancer that causes death in the United States, this cancer type mostly affects men. In fact, it is the third cause of death among men and ranks fourth among women.

Colon cancer originates from the large intestine. When you are diagnosed with colon cancer, treatment options range from surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Of these available treatments, the most commonly administered among patients is colon cancer chemotherapy.

If you are about to go through colon cancer chemotherapy, you must be aware of the following facts involved in this treatment type:

1. Colon cancer chemotherapy is often administered to patients diagnosed with stage 2 cancer. This may either be done before or after surgery. Whenever the tumor is said to be recurring, chemotherapy is suggested to arrest the growth of cancer cells.

However, this kind of treatment is also given to stage 3 patients together with radiation. Purposely, patients with combined therapies prove to have a higher survival rate.

Stage 4 patients may also undergo colon cancer chemotherapy to relieve the pain and discomfort the disease brings to a patient.

At any stage, a combination of colon cancer chemotherapy and immunotherapy has proven more effective in treating patients with colon cancer. Immunotherapy involves the giving of drugs that will help boost the immune system.

2. Just like any other kind of chemical treatment, colon cancer chemotherapy may be done outside of the hospital on an outpatient basis unless confinement is required. What determines this factor is the kind of drug being used.

3. In any kind of medication, there are always side effects. However, these side effects may be different per person because each one reacts differently to treatments. Thus, the side effects may vary.

During colon cancer chemotherapy, the cells are being destroyed or divided.  The treatment is not discriminating. It may even destroy healthy cells that are helpful in preventing bodily infections.

One of these is the blood cell. That is why, patients usually experience bleeding, swelling and easily gets bruised after chemotherapy.

Patients who just underwent colon cancer chemotherapy may experience giddiness and feel weak. It is because the cells in the digestive track are likewise destroyed by chemotherapy. This results to loss of appetite among the patients.

However, most common side effect to all chemotherapy treatments is hair loss.  Cells in the hair are also destroyed and divided.

Eventually, side effects of colon cancer chemotherapy may disappear as your recovery progresses. Treatments are also made available in the event of persistent discomfort and pain brought about by these side effects.

Colon cancer chemotherapy is an expensive kind of treatment. It is not also a guarantee that you become totally cancer-free after the procedure. Doctors from all over the world are still on the look out for a miracle cure for colon cancer.

Scientists have unceasingly conducted researches and clinical studies in the hope that one of these days, all mankind will be totally cancer free.