When Should A Female Get A Colonoscopy?

What is Colonoscopy?

Colonoscopy is a test which allows a doctor to look at the large intestine’s inner lining by making use of a flexible and thin tube which is called colonoscope.  Colonoscopy treatment helps in locating or finding colon polyps, ulcers and tumors. During the process of colonoscopy, samples of tissues are collected and this can therefore be used as a screening test to detect cancer or growth of rectum or colon.


When should a Female Get Colonoscopy?

There is a fixed and appropriate time to get colonoscopy done and a female must be aware of when it should be performed. So the following given points should be of help:

  • First test at 50

A female must get her first colonoscopy test at the age of 50.  According to renowned guidelines and suggestions, this is the most appropriate age for this test and the screen which is employed to detect or diagnose the cancer or polyps should be repeated at a gap of 10 years.  According to doctors, there are 50000 deaths due to colon cancer every year and atleast 60% of them can be prevented if the test is done at the right time.

  • History of the patient

If you are a woman who has a history of certain health problems, illnesses or diseases, then you can even consider getting colonoscopy done before the age of 50.  Some problems which require a colonoscopy test to be done before 50 years of age include inflammatory bowel disease, family history of colon cancer and lynch syndrome.

How to Prepare for Colonoscopy:

The following are a few ways of preparing for colonoscopy:

  • It is always advisable to schedule for a colonoscopy test in the morning time.  This is important because for this test, one has to be on a clear liquid diet, for which morning is surely the best time.
  • The preparation for colonoscopy requires a person to be close to the bathroom, so it is recommended that you take an off from work the previous day.
  • The doctor will advise you certain type of an enema which will be used to clear out the colon. So it is recommended that you follow this advice strictly.
  • You wouldn’t possibly be allowed to drive after getting colonoscopy, so you must arrange for someone to drive you back after the test.
  • The doctor will ask you to stop eating at a certain time before the test and it is recommended that you follow this advice as well.

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