Ovarian Cancer Can Be Prevented With The Right Diet

cancer1We all know that ovarian cancer, has a great frequency, being on the fifth place among malignant cancers affecting women (after breast cancer, lung, the colon and uterus).

We also know that periodic medical examinations, which detect cancer in the earliest stages, can make possible the prescription of the right treatment leading to healing.

I know I am talking about a matter that is a popular search all over the web, but I first started to have issues about the possibility of turning out sick the day my aunt was diagnosed with ovarian cancer fortunately discovered in time.

I was in the risk group, as first to second grade relative, so I went immediately for a check up and after I caught my breath seeing that the results were negative, I started reconsidering my nutrition.

My aunt was recommended a drastic change in diet especially during chemotherapy and even after that. The doctors that were treating her assured us that the cancer could have been prevented or discovered more quickly if only she would have been more careful about her eating habits.

As both me and my sister had the same disastrous food preferences, eating more carefully and introducing in our diet the same elements our aunt was recommended seemed like a good idea.

diet1So we started building a diet containing a high amount of fish, green vegetables, carrots, beans and whole cereal.

Green vegetables and carrots stimulate the immune system to fight cancer cells, because they are rich in beta-carotene.

The fish (and I am referring to freshwater fish) contains significant quantities of fish oil, the substance which also contributes to the synthesis of essential fats.

In the same time we have eliminated from our diet the deep fried aliments starting with fries and red meat. We have also learned that burned or over fried grilled meat contains a large number of toxins that are making an important contribution at the cancer’s presence.

The high temperatures required for the preparation of fried foods, causes changes in the structure of fats and such fats can be modified carcinogenic.

Till we started the process I had no idea that a rich diet containing animal fat (meat, eggs and butter) increased the risk of ovarian cancer.

To hear the doctor telling my aunt that for the women who consumed eggs (regardless how they are prepared) for more than three times per week, the risk of disease is tripled, made me gave up my beloved omelets.

It appears the influence of meat and eggs on the development of cancer is related to the fact that they contain large amounts of toxins released during preparation.

These substances are “bad” prostaglandin predecessors which inhibit the activity of the immune system. So I guess that for us, who presented and increased risk of getting ovarian cancer the idea of avoiding red meat and egg yolk consumption (more damaging than the whites) was a smart option. We have also replaced butter with margarine in moderate amounts.

What I have to underline is that even if I wasn’t in the risk group, seeing my aunt experience, would have convinced me to reconsider my diet.