Pregnancy Diet Is The Key Guardian Against The Breast Cancer

pregnancy dietWhen we get pregnant, most of us ladies, stay away from smoking, alcohol and other drugs that are endangering the fetus’ health.

Unfortunately a too little number of future mothers are aware that their diet during pregnancy is responsible for a very serious health problem that appears in the post pregnancy years.

As I am about to talk about a topic that could have saved the life of so many women, I can’t help but wonder how come it took so many years for this to be discovered?

I read in a lot of women magazines that the diet a woman follows during the pregnancy and maternity can be the main responsible for the risk of getting breast cancer.

As idiotic as it may seem at first hand, this theory was discovered two years ago and only then, after testing it, the scientists had the guts to admit they have never thought about it before.

Since I am not a doctor , I would like to explain this as simple as I can, as simple as I understood it myself after learning about it, watching one of my dear friends, mother of two, go through a bilateral mastectomy and eventually die because of breast cancer.

The breasts start forming during intra uterine life as we are fetuses, and keep on growing and developing into differentiated cells that are gradually becoming responsible for the baby’s feeding during lactation period.

This happens because of the high amount of estrogen released during that interval. The mammal gland is very sensitive to estrogen and develops exclusively under its influence.

I guess the previously stated are common knowledge but I felt obligated to underline them especially because it is hard to believe that what will follow was not as obvious.

dietThe life style of the mother during pregnancy and after birth needs to be conditioned by the thought that several mistakes in a row will generate in the following years a cancer.

If any of us think this cannot happen to us, we are so wrong.

A diet rich in fruit and vegetable, the absence of alimentary toxins as nitrites, staying away from over processed food, deep fried aliments, saturated fats, processed sugar, additives, junk food, red meat, low fat and high fat, energy bombs and any other food accidents waiting to happen, keeps the estrogen level normal and doesn’t overwhelm the body of a future mother.

After giving birth, when the mammal cells are fully developed, the risk increases, and as unbelievable as it may seem, the way we live or life is the main responsible for whether we get cancer or not.

There is always a good idea to maintain a discipline in alimentation, to avoid a sedentary life, and try periodically to check the estrogen level by actually getting a check up and a blood analysis.

pregnancyYou must know and make sure that this is real. Repeated weight loss diets, hunger periods hunting for a perfect figure, stress and fatigue, are the perfect ingredients for encouraging the breast cancer disposition to make its way into the real thing.

We are precious creatures, but oh, so fragile. We bring our children into the world, hoping to raise them, but we smoke, lose sleep, overwork and overstress ourselves.

We should remember that cancer is real, it is there and we are an easy prey. As statistics say that in the world 15 women die of breast cancer daily, the steps we take should be  done so, that we will reduce this horrifying number.