Spirulina – A Valuable Helping Hand During Chemotherapy

SpirulinaUsed for thousands of years for its benefits on health, this algae continues to succeed with its many miraculous effects on the body.

Spirulina is a blue-green algae, shining as a rich source of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

I and Spirulina have met while I was doing chemo for lymphoma. I was reacting badly, vomiting everything I ate, could not sleep, and my body refused to respond to the treatment.

I was underweight, always dehydrated, very close of wanting to simply die, when my doctors tried to introduce me to an alternative.

When I first started to take Spirulina, I was under the impression I was a guinea pig, used for experiments but I also became curious about it.

Then I learned that if there is an ideal food for humans, that would be Spirulina because it contains an almost perfect balance of proteins, including eight essential amino acids, is easily digestible, assimilated quickly and works as an essential repairing tool for the organic cells.

I have read that many specialists believe that is the blue-green algae of microscopic size is a real blessing, and during the time I was treated with it I heard it was proposed as an ingredient for many medicines.

ChemotherapyThe most important part for me was its extraordinary capacity of repairing my metabolism.

After only a month of treatment I was able to respond better to the chemotherapy treatment and I was starting to be able to keep some food in my stomach.

I learned the Spirulina contains biotin, an enzyme that transports carbon dioxide in the blood and acts as an agent of assimilation of certain vitamins of B complex.

Also Spirulina has the highest content of vitamin B12 of all foods. Vitamin B12, is present inside vegetables in much lower quantities and in a form more difficult to assimilate. It is indicated in the prevention and treatment of nerve degeneration and in some cases of anemia that always installs during chemo.

Pantothenic acid is used by adrenalin glands together with vitamin C and cholesterol to produce steroids such as cortisol, recommended in situations of physical and psychological stress, and that helped my body handle the nervous breakdown, all cancer patients experience, way better that my doctors expected me to do.

red cellsThe folic acid from the Spirulina had a particularly important role in the formation of new red cells in blood, as the inositol repaired my liver that was experiencing a very hard time.

The high beta-carotene content helped me a lot, being a very strong antioxidant.

With it my body fought against free radicals and eliminated the toxins that my cells were producing consequently to the chemo treatment.

Besides the vitamins beneficial for my body, Spirulina contained about 14 minerals including: calcium, potassium, zinc, magnesium, selenium, iron and phosphorus, all battling the cancer and helping me to fight and get better.

As I was doing better, the metabolism of my body started to come to normal, I was processing food and I started to get some sleep.

During two long years of chemotherapy, Spirulina was a trusted ally and since then I kept on using it to this present day.

It was a key ingredient in my recovery and I kept on taking it periodically as a preventive tactic against cancer.

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