Ovary Removal May Not Be Essential In Endometrial Cancer

According to new study, younger women with initial stages of endometrial cancer need not go for ovary removal and lose their ovaries as a result of cancer treatment.

Studies till date have found no difference between survival rate for five years in women who’ve lost their ovaries or those who did not for endometrial cancer treatment.  

Ovary removal, commonly called as oophorectomy, has been a standard part of endometrial cancer treatment from many years.

Dr. Jay Brooks, chairman of hematology/oncology at Ochsner Health System in Baton Rouge, La, says, “It appears to be safe thing if a woman with endometrial cancer wants to keep her ovaries”. As always, though, no one decision is right for all women all the time.

According to Dr. Jason D. Wright, assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons in New York City and lead author of the study, this is a retrospective study and hence it is quite tough to say for sure that you should change your treatment or practice according to this study. But it is definitely a provocative finding and it doesn’t appear that ovary preservation is safe.

The lead author of the study adds, “This is absolutely something that needs to be discussed with young women with the problem”.

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