Hodgkin’s Disease: Causes and Treatment

The Hodgkin’s disease is very rare type of cancer occurring in the lymph nodes or the lymphatic system, a part of the immune system.

It truly differs from the other lymphomas in its own way with different characteristics.

As this cancer affects the immune system the fight against any infection decreases or diminishes as the disease progresses.

Causes of Hodgkin’s Disease

Hodgkin’s disease cause exactly is unknown. As described the Hodgkin’s disease is among a group of cancers called lymphomas. The lymphomas are the cancers of the lymphatic system which is a part of the immune system.

This lymphatic system includes the lymph nodes or the lymph glands which are located throughout the body. These lymph nodes are in turn connected by small vessels called lymphatics.

Hodgkin’s disease commonly starts in the lymph nodes. The location of these lymph nodes in the body is noticeable in specific areas such as the collar bone and in the neck region and in the groin area.

In the chest cavity some enlarged lymph nodes are common. It is evident that lymphomas may spread outside the lymph nodes to any part of the body.

Hodgkin’s Disease Treatment Methods

To choose any method of Hodgkin’s disease it is very important to know the stage of cancer first. Among other important factors to be considered are whether the disease has affected both the sides of the diaphragm or only one side and also the number and regions of the lymph nodes affected are taken into consideration for further proceedings.

The Hodgkin’s disease treatment aims at destroying the maximum number of lymph nodes affected as well as bringing the disease into remission and further controlling its spread.

There are various methods of Hodgkin’s disease treatment. Some of them are:

Radiation Therapy

This method of Hodgkin’s disease is implemented when the disease is confined to a specific area. This treatment aims at radiating the affected nodes along with the surrounding area where the chances of disease spreading are high.

This method may be used alone or with combination of chemotherapy as well. The time and period of radiation given totally depends on the stage of the disease and the condition of the patient.


This method comes into picture when the disease is not confined to a particular area meaning if the disease has spread to many areas and only radiation therapy cannot treat the disease.

This chemotherapy uses drugs in various combinations to kill the disease and counter its spread. Used specifically when the disease has affected many lymph nodes and other organs too.

The Hodgkin’s disease treatment method chemotherapy definitely has its own drawbacks such as its long lasting side effects and other health complications which may become crucial to manage in their later stage.

Therefore chemotherapy is aimed nowadays to decrease the toxin affect of the drugs used as many medical regimens have come up with better results.

Bone Marrow Transplant

This method of Hodgkin’s disease treatment is considered when the disease recurs or comes back after the other treatments have been implemented.

This method of Hodgkin’s disease treatment aims to provide a prolonged remission. This is made possible by high-dose chemotherapy and transplantation of the patient’s own bone marrow which is called autologous.