Britian Finally Decides About Kidney Cancer Drugs

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) has finally reached the decision to recommend the use of ‘Sutent’ as a HE kidney cancer drug, but has rejected Nexavar, Torisel and Avastin.

This new guidance will substitute the Health Minister’s temporary decision, which had allowed all four of the kidney cancer drugs to benefit from the NHS funding.

The NICE guidance will state that ‘Sutent’ or ‘Sunitinib’ is suggested as a first-line remedy in advanced metastatic renal cell carcinoma, while the three other drugs are not. NICE also stated that both the drugs Sutent and Nexavar have been rejected as a second-line treatment for kidney cancer.

This decision may yet be subject to appeal though it is expected to constitute the foundation of the general guidance to the NHS. In the meantime the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence will be carrying out additional tests on the other three drugs.

The medical director of Pfizer, which is the company that produces ‘Sutent’ was very satisfied with this decision and is persuaded that U.K. patients receiving this treatment will find great relief in the drug that has already become widely accepted as the major remedy drug for kidney cancer in the rest of the world.