Tips for Lifestyle Changes after Kidney Cancer

Once you have undergone the turbulence of kidney cancer, you must have already realized how much important it is to take care of all the body organs, which is only possible with correct diet, regular exercise and by following some positive norms of lifestyle. If you spend the rest of your life healthily, the chances of recurrence also subside and it also changes your attitude towards life for betterment.

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Many cancer care health centres have started such lifestyle aiding programs to guide the patients to live in optimum health for long run even after the cancer treatment is over. Here are some tips on changing lifestyle post kidney cancer –

Follow healthy diet strictly

Kidney works as a ‘filter’ of your digestive system and thus it is essential to build up healthy food build up in the system. While kidney cancer you must have lost weight, since then nausea will be a common problem and you will also not feel the appetite anymore.

However, overcoming these will take some time and once done start a proper diet chart that gives you the right nutrition, including minerals, vitamins, and even calories. Proper amount of calorie intake is essential as that will be the fuel to re-energize your body.

Eat small meals frequently

Exerting too much pressure on your kidneys at a time would be harmful, thus eat small meals throughout the day. This will not only help you to stay full, but also satisfy your taste buds as they will get changed tastes every time. Do not give a gap of more than 2 -3 hours.

Regular physical exercise

Maintaining a perfect body weight is extremely important once you have undergone the treatment of kidney cancer. The energy levels are bound to get declined while the treatment and post that you might feel fatigue and lethargy all the time. Yes, you do need rest but do not let these feelings overpower you, or else you will never be able to gear up and live the same life again.

Meet a physical trainer and get to know the safe exercises that you can practice all by your own on daily basis. Brisk walking of 30 minutes every day itself is a great exercise. Make sure you perfectly balance the exercise and rest periods.

Quit smoking

Smoking is known to be a very common cause of cancer, thus eliminate it completely from your regime. It will not only help you to reduce the chances of further health complications; but also keep your immune system intact and help you to gain positivity about your self confidence.

Apart from the above mentioned points, a kidney cancer patient needs much more to revive the normal lifestyle after the treatment. The mind and soul also undergoes turmoil and it should be healed with love and affection. Thus, family and spouse should be supportive and considerate.

Everything should be done to make the body strong enough so that you will be able to withstand the rigors of the treatment. Try to improve your emotional self and the immune system so that it can fight the chances of recurrence.

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