5 Symptoms Not to Ignore for Kidney Cancer

Kidney cancer is also called ‘Renal Cancer’, is a truly debilitating disease. This disease causes uncontrolled growth of the kidney cells, forming tumors. This can lead to severe medical disorders in the body, even being fatal at times, if left untreated.

Your kidneys are two fist-sized, bean-shaped organs, located on both sides of your spine, in the lower abdomen. The kidneys are responsible for cleaning your blood of impurities and waste products which is converted into urine.

The chances of successful treatment of kidney cancers are dependent on how early it is detected in a patient.

5 Symptoms Not to Ignore for Kidney Cancer

Top Symptoms of Kidney Cancer

These are a few common symptoms which indicate the growth of kidney cancer in a person:

1. Hematuria

  • Hematuria is when you see blood in your urine. It is the most common symptom of kidney cancer. Around 40-50% of patients with kidney cancer are known to show this symptom.
  • A tiny amount of blood tends to change its color, to pink, slightly brown or even red while urinating. The blood may appear inconsistently in the urine, mostly every alternate day.
  • A urinalysis is the best way to detect even tiny amounts of blood in your urine.

2. Lump in Abdomen

  • Kidney cancer often develops a lump in the side, back or in your abdomen. It feels mostly like a thickening, bulging and hard bump beneath your skin. Around 45% of people affected with renal cell carcinoma are known to develop these abnormal lumps in their abdominal region.
  • However the early stages of kidney cancer may not make these lumps noticeable, as these are situated deep within your abdomen. Only when the tumor grows significantly large is when you can feel the lump.
  • An ultrasound, or a CT scan, is the best diagnostic test to determine the size, shape and exact location of the lump in the abdomen. A biopsy will be able to further confirm the diagnosis in case kidney cancer is suspected.

3. Lower Back Pain

  • Although back pain is quite common once you are past 40 years of age, due to an earlier musculoskeletal injury or degeneration of intervertebral disc, it may also indicate to development of kidney cancer.
  • Around 41% of patients affected with kidney cancer report intense pain in the lower back, especially on the side. The pain can usually be felt as a dull ache, or even a sharp stab, as the cancer advances. This pain is also known to spread gradually.

4. Unintended Weight Loss

  • In case the kidney tumor spreads to other organs there is likely to be a significant drop in your weight in a short time.
  • Around 28% of patients with renal cell carcinoma report unwanted weight loss. This is usually because the spread of the cancer makes the patients lose their appetite, thus leading to weight loss.

5. Fatigue and Anemia

  • Fatigue is a common symptom for most cancer patients when they undergo treatments. Around 70-100% of patients undergoing cancer treatments report feeling fatigued at most times.
  • Fatigue from cancer is consistent and hampers your daily activities noticeably. With time, it is also reported to increase in intensity.

In case you experience any of these 5 symptoms, it is highly advisable to undergo a thorough examination after consultation with a reliable oncologist. Ensure that you detect your kidney cancer at the earliest so you can get effective and successful cancer treatment.