Lymphoblastic Leukemia And Pregnancy

pregnancyNature has endowed women with mechanisms to have a normal pregnancy process.

However, many things can go wrong during and after the process; the human body shows indications warning pregnant women that something is not going well.

Sometimes, there can be many complications during pregnancy. Some problems like infections, hemorrhages, and spontaneous abortion are always considered abnormal.

Of course, infections and bleedings in pregnant women are not necessarily serious unless there is some disease present. Problems like lymphoblastic leukemia can generate a high risk of death and abortion, especially at late stages of pregnancy.

Because of this, problems like urinal infection and vaginal infection can be dangerous if the woman suffers from lymphoblastic leukemia.

Lymphoblastic leukemia should not be associated with hormonal changes during maternity. On the contrary this illness is more related to damages in the DNA. Such damage can be induced by many different issues different to hormonal changes.

Factors like chemicals, drugs, and exposure to radiation may lead to unrestrained cellular growth. In this case, lymphoblastic leukemia makes cells spread out massively throughout the common organs like kidneys, lungs, liver, spleen, brain, spinal column, and reproductive organs and affects the evolution of pregnancy. This is an enduring problem since it can be treated but not solved permanently.

For that reason, there is no way to consider that pregnant women will not face this problem in the future. During pregnancy, women may have to face significant organic changes and that exposes them to possible future development of cancer cell growth.