Signs Of Chronic Leukemia In Kids 

sick kidWhen children are diagnosed of leukemia cancer there is an abundance of white blood cells that are produced in the bone marrow.

Leukemia is also referred to as cancers of the white blood cells.

Children of ages two and eight are the most likely to be diagnosed with chronic leukemia. However it doesn’t mean that adults and children above the age of eight cannot be amongst the statistics.

In chronic leukemia, the leukemia cells are derived from mature and abnormal cells. The cells grow well for a substantial amount of time and accumulate. Chronic leukemia is not so common in children but should not be ruled out completely.

Children with leukemia may experience pain in the bones or joints. This may result in occasional cramps and may cause a limp. The pain comes like that you usually feel when you go for an extensive workout that your body is not accustomed to.

Leukemia ruins the bone marrow’s capability to produce or release clot forming platelets. Because of this, you may find that your child will bleed or bruise easily. He or she may also bleed for a longer time than normal after a small cut.

There is also significant weight loss in the individual because of the frequent infections and fever related attacks. It’s almost as if your immune system has been disabled. The body is now prone to any disease.

They may also appear pale and tire easily when playing with friends. Being short of breath is also common as leukemia attacks the production of oxygen carrying red blood cells.

If you see your child with a sudden loss of appetite, then this is also a cause of concern. Children diagnosed with this cancer tend to lose appetite and refuse to eat much, let alone eat at all.

The lymph nodes are also likely to swell, particularly in the neck and the groin. Lymph nodes that are located deep inside the body can only be located with a scan conducted by your doctor.

This highlights the need for individuals to have frequent checkups with your doctor because some symptoms may not be visible to the human eye. Some children may keep quiet even if they feel sick.

By the time you notice that something is wrong, it may be in its advanced stages considering how slow chronic leukemia develops.

You may also encounter frequent headaches from time to time. Please see your doctor when you notice any of these symptoms in your kids. It will not necessarily mean that he has chronic leukemia but something may not be alright.