Lip Cancer


The lip cancer or the cancer of the lip accounts for almost 40% of oral cancercases. The affected area is usually white, red or both and slightly raised.

This lip cancer is expected to be caused due to two main reasons which form the highest risk factors for developing the disease they are the use of tobacco and alcohol consumption. Cigars and cigarettes are also considered equally dangerous as they increase the chance of developing the disease.

Other factors which account for developing the though not thoroughly proved are the hereditary factor. Though this risk factor is not controllable other factors mentioned above can be pretty well controlled.

Lip Cancer Symptoms

The first and foremost of the lip cancer symptoms is appearance of sores or ulcers on the lip. These sores are open and grow into the underlying tissues. Lip cancer or the cancer of the lip and other parts of the mouth usually are hard and rock like.

These are attached to the underlying tissues. A person who smokes or uses tobacco and consumes alcohol may experience pain in these areas and therefore consuming any type of food becomes difficult.

Lip Cancer Treatment

There are several methods to remove cancer of the lip or lip cancer. But the best method to treat the lip cancer is the surgical method. This procedure involves the inducing patient with anesthesia before the surgery. This may either be local or general.

In early stages this may be not much complicated without any much change in the local anatomy but in advanced stages where the sores are large and have moved into the underlying tissue extensive surgery may be performed followed by plastic/reconstructive procedures.

These procedures are used to give the patient a better chance of cure and also trying to shape the lost look of the lip after the surgery is performed.

The lip cancer treatment main methods are surgery and radiation therapy. The combination of both these treatments is used to treat lip cancer.

Lip Cancer Prevention

Lip cancer or the cancer of the lip or for that matter any type of oral cancer can be well prevented. As many exact causes of the disease are controllable.

First of all a routine dental check up will help to a certain extent to detect any non cancerous or cancerous growths in the mouth. Secondly avoid the two main risk factors smoking and consumption of alcohol.

Smoothing rough edges from broken teeth or fillings is a good preventive measure of lip cancer or cancer of the lip. Avoid exposure to sun rays thus preventing damage to your lips. Surgical removal of the lip area which is damaged will prevent further complications like the progression of lip cancer.