Best Treatments For Stage 4 Liver Cancer

Liver cancer is one of the most dreaded forms of cancer. As liver is one of the biggest organs in the human body, a tumor that developed thereat can also prove fatal.

This type of cancer is classified into four different stages. While stage 1 and 2 can be treated effectively, stage 3 liver cancer and stage 4 liver cancer are very difficult to treat.

There is a list of tests carried out to determine if the tumor has spread within the liver or to the different parts of the body. Tests such as MRI, CT scan, ultrasound and bone scan are used for determining the areas of body affected.

If diagnosed with a stage 4 liver cancer the patient might have to undergo further tests to verify the parts that have been seriously affected.

Stage 4 liver cancer is very difficult to treat as the tumors multiply and spread within no time and the patient undergoes terrible pain.

It might be of numerous sizes and might have extended to the lymph nodules, surrounding bones and blood vessels or may even have damaged the lungs. Due to all these variations, stage 4 liver cancer had been also termed as the most fatal or the last stage of liver cancer.

There are advanced treatments which can lessen the pain and help in further restriction of the tumor spread or attempt to cure stage 4 liver cancer.

There are no standards and 100% effective treatments for stage 4 liver cancer.  However, there are clinical trials going on which involves finding a way to bring the fatal rate due to stage 4 liver cancer under control.

Clinical radiotherapy trial

Radiotherapy widely uses high radiations to permanently kill all the cancer and tumor spreading cells. When human bodies or any part of the body is exposed to such high radiations these are hugely responsible for making the tumor cells more susceptible and also sensitive to these radiations and hence in turn killing them. Trials and studies are going on for trying to stop the spread of stage 4 liver cancer in this manner.

Clinical chemotherapy trial

In chemotherapy, the growth of these cells is brought under control. When these kinds of sessions are undergone by the patient, areas where cancer cells are determined are exposed to these radiations.

As a result, the cells become sensitive which leads to hampering their growth and restrict them from spreading elsewhere in the body. As stage 4 liver cancer is very risky, this clinical trial is also carried out to get a foolproof result.

All these treatments and therapies are not 100% effective but they can be used for stage 4 liver cancer. It is very important to diagnose and cure cancer at the earlier stages than letting it spread to the fourth stage.

Don’t hesitate to undergo tests to help you determine if you’ve acquired this cancer. Be sure to ask your doctor which treatment is most applicable to your condition.