Is Pain Associated With Liver Cancer?

Liver Cancer PainAre you desperate to know how pain is associated with liver cancer? Your search ends here.

Start reading for good information on liver cancer it’s various symptoms and risk factors along with the pain control and pain management techniques.

Adult primary liver cancer is a disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in the tissues of the liver. Having hepatitis or cirrhosis can affect the risk of developing adult primary liver cancer.

The common problem for people with liver cancer is Pain. The tumor can cause pain by pressing against nerves and other organs.

Asymptomatic!! Often no symptoms are seen in the early stages of primary liver cancer.

However, people sometimes notice a vague discomfort in the upper abdomen that may become painful later as the disease progresses.

This is due to enlargement of the liver. In the right shoulder also pain can sometimes be felt. This is known as referred pain and is due to an enlarged liver stimulating the nerves beneath the diaphragm which are connected to nerves in the right shoulder.

What Happens Next! Loss of appetite, feeling sick or nausea, weight loss, and weakness and tiredness or lethargy are common symptoms. Some people may also develop a high temperature and have shivers.

What about Diagnosis! Tests that examine the liver and the blood are used to detect and diagnose adult primary liver cancer.

Your doctor will plan your treatment taking into account a number of factors:

  • firstly whether the cancer is a primary or secondary liver cancer
  • the type and size of the cancer
  • whether it has spread beyond the liver
  • whether the liver is affected by any other disease, such as cirrhosis.
  • your age
  • your general health

Can liver cancer pain be controlled?

Definitely yes, but this varies from patient to patient and also other factors. As pain is a common problem for people with liver cancer this has become the most important issue to plan along the treatment methods. [Alternative Liver Cancer Cure]

Some therapies for liver cancer may also cause discomfort or pain. Relieve or reduce pain in several ways is done by:

  • By using pain medicines. Over years it is understood that medicines often can relieve pain.
  • The other option is Radiation in which the high-energy rays are used to shrink the tumor thus relieving pain.
  • In nerve block the doctor may inject alcohol into the area around certain nerves in the abdomen to block the pain.

The health care team may also suggest other ways to relieve or reduce pain. For example acupuncture, acupressure or massage may be used. All these may be used along with other approaches as well.

Also, the patient may learn to relieve pain through relaxation techniques such as listening to slow music a form of art therapy or breathing slowly and comfortably.

One of the conventional treatment options used to treat liver cancer pain is the pain management. The goal of pain management is not only relief from liver cancer pain, but also the maintenance of your normal quality of life.

That Really Sounds Good!! All methods of pain management attempt to alter your perception of it or control the cause of the pain.

Please note that successful management usually involves a combination of techniques because of the complex nature of cancer-related pain.

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