Knowing Liver Cancer Types, Diagnosis And Treatment

The primitive liver cancer is still very rare in Europe and America and tends to increase the number of diagnosed cases in Africa and Asia.

Hepatic carcinoma or hepatic cellular cancer is the most frequent of the hepatic tumors. It appears in 20% of the cases on a healthy liver than on a sick liver suffering from a hepatic disease like cirrhosis or chronic hepatitis.

Unlike Europe where alcoholic cirrhosis remains the main cause of this cancer type in the tropical countries, hepatic carcinoma is directly linked to the viruses of B and C hepatitis and sometimes even with the pollution of food with the Alfa toxin.

Colangio carcinoma is a lot rarer and it is commonly found in the South East Asia where it is triggered by liver parasites. Angiosarcoma, the rarest of the primitive liver tumors is sometimes linked to the chronic toxin infections with vinyl chloride and arsenic.

Hepatic carcinoma is discovered through a larger liver, easy to identify by touch, pseudo-infection fever, and moderate pain and can become the result of cirrhosis getting worse.

It is usually diagnosed through ultrasound and biopsy and the risk of lungs and bone metastasis is very important in this case.

The common treatment[liver cancer treatment] is the surgical removal of the tumor, a hepatic transplant or a general or local chemotherapy. The prevention comes by vaccination against the B and C hepatitis and the proper treatment of B and C hepatitis.

The secondary liver cancer is very frequent in the countries with temperate climate and it is usually present as a result of other types of cancers, most commonly found in association with the digestive cancers like colon, stomach and pancreas cancers as well as associated with gynecologic cancers –ovary, uterus or breast.

The presence of the secondary cancer may present itself through a series of general complications or through jaundice, and the post examination can reveal a liver full of nodules painful or not.

The diagnosis and the treatment are very similar with the primitive cancer and in many cases the chemotherapy has been known to work miracles.

Knowing the essential information about the varieties of liver cancers can prove to be very helpful in the end. It is good to know that the liver cancer hurts only when it is too late and the regular check-ups and medical exams can help prevent the devastating effect it has on the human body.