Things You Can Do To Reduce The Risks Of Liver Cancer

liver cancerPrimary and metastatic are two categories of liver cancer. When you are talking about primary liver cancer, you are talking about a cancer that starts from the cells of the liver.

Metastatic liver cancer is a type of cancer that starts in other organs of the body and eventually will spread to the liver.

If you have primary liver cancer then it is probable that you have cirrhosis of the liver.

Early detection is always the key when you are talking about any type of cancer. Treatments taken in the early stages of cancer will have a better chance of working for you.


If you have liver cancer, you may feel abdominal pain, which could mean that you have a large tumor growing inside your liver. A high fever and severe weight loss are also symptoms of liver cancer.

You may have cirrhosis of the liver and have a completely new set of symptoms for liver cancer because of this condition.

Your symptoms may also include liver ascites, which is fluid buildup and swelling. Jaundice will show up and your skin will turn a shade of yellow.

Primary Liver Cancer

This type of cancer risk can be reduced by cutting down on how much alcohol you consume. Excessive abuse of alcohol substances will cause cirrhosis. Moderate drinking should be something that you should consider.

One to two drinks should not hurt you, if you do not make the drinks too large. Another way to avoid the risk of getting primary liver cancer is to get a Hepatitis B shot. This infection is viral and can come from another person who has the disease or a blood transfusion.

If you have Hepatitis B, you are at risk in getting cirrhosis of the liver and primary liver cancer. You can simply prevent these diseases from taking over your body by getting the immunization.

Taking Away Risks of Metastatic Liver Cancer

Your liver can be like a sponge when it comes to getting cancer from your other organs. Several cancers seem to spread straight to the liver causing Metastatic Liver Cancer. These types of cancers are lung, rectum, colon, and breast.

If you decrease your risks for these types of cancers then you will decrease your risks for Metastatic Liver Cancer. Colon cancer is the number one cancer that will spread to the liver. This type of cancer usually has no symptoms. It lays silent inside your body.

If you are fifty years of age and over, screening for colon cancer is crucial to your health. Breast cancer is easier to detect. You will usually find a suspicious lump or have pain. The best way to take the risk away for lung cancer is to quit smoking.

Avoiding the risks of liver cancer is the only option to keep you healthy. There are not a lot of treatments for this type of cancer, yet there are few treatments that could save your life.