How Does Lung Cancer Affect Your Body?

As much as 90% of lung cancers are caused by tobacco smoke. The risk increases with the number of cigarettes you smoke. Lung cancer tumors can be benign or malignant, but most lung cancers are due to malignant tumors only.

The effects of lung cancer on your body:

Lung cancer causes chest pain: Lung cancer tumors can also spread to various other organs of the chest. Most of the time, people with lung cancer experience chest pain because of the tumors pressing on the walls of chest. Also, these tumors can block the chest cavity and bind the heart completely with fluid.

Lung cancer causes severe coughing: Pressing of the tumors in the chest can cause you to develop a severe and frequent cough. While coughing, you will emit a lot of sputum and in severe lung cancer, patients can emit blood. Putting pressure on the nerves that control the voice box can cause voice hoarseness. Also, the tumors block the windpipe which leads to wheezing.

Lung cancer spreads easily to other organs: Unlike other cancers, lung cancer can easily spread to other organs of the body. The areas that are most frequently affected with lung cancer include: brain, glands, liver and bone.

Lung cancer, when it spreads to the bones, can lead to tremendous pain and makes the bones break easily. Lung cancer spreading to the brain can cause neurological disorders such as loss of control, reduced vision, lack of sensation and seizures.