Is An Alternative Lung Cancer Treatment Safe?

Alternative Lung Cancer TreatmentYes, many such alternative lung cancer treatments are taken up apart from the regular standard methods of treatments.

Many complementary methods that can be used safely along with standard treatment to help relieve side effects or symptoms, ease pain, and give a better life to live.

As you all know the journey with cancer is stressful, strenuous and more over long.

As the regular standard treatment procedures may be detrimental to the emotional well-being of the patient these complementary and alternative lung cancer treatments have stepped in to offer holistic treatment.

You’ll be surprised to hear that these complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) which are also referred to as integrative medicine includes a broad range of healing, approaches, therapies and philosophies.

These therapies are used in an effort to reduce side effects and symptoms, prevent illness, reduce stress, prevent and control or cure the dreadful disease.

Be Very Careful! It is important to discuss them with your physician in selecting these procedures for treatment. Your doctor is the right person to suggest whether you can go for these alternative lung cancer treatments or not.

Dreadful!! Each year nearly 170,000 Americans are diagnosed with lung cancer. The main cause is cigarette smoking. Studies say that anyone can develop lung cancer.

The lungs are made of different types of cells. Most of the cells in the lung are epithelial cells. These cells line the airways and produce mucus, which lubricates and protects the lung. The lung also contains blood cells, nerve cells, hormone-producing cells and supporting or structural cells.

Let’s see the different types of lung cancer. Lung cancer is of two major types. Non-small cell lung cancer which is the most common and is believed to arise from epithelial cells and the second being the small cell lung cancer which is believed to arise from nerve cells or hormone-producing cells.

The term “small cell” refers to the size and shape of the cancer cells seen under the microscope.

Many are rare alternative lung cancer treatments which are potent enough to provide cancer patients a significant chance of survival, including those who have given up on by orthodox medicine.

A combination of these standard therapy with a broad range of other treatments that are more commonly thought of as “complementary” or “alternative” medicine are given by many medical centers.

This new type of care is called “integrative medicine”. This type basically means it combines complementary therapies and conventional cancer care with the goal of improving quality of life and thus enhancing survival.

Note! It is important to note, however, that there are no scientific data to date that prove that complementary therapy alone can cure disease.

This approach, which strives to bring about disease remission while at the same time reducing symptoms and emotional distress, can be beneficial to some people with lung cancer and their caregivers.

So the conclusion is that these therapies can be used effectively to control pain, relieve anxiety, control the spread or prevent the disease and improve quality of life leading to a better living.