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You can get current and accurate information for patients about Lung Cancer from various online sites available with full fledged information about the disease, its origin, causes, risk factors, symptoms [Lung cancer symptoms], and treatment methods by which lung cancer cure is possible to an extent.

Surgery is the most important method of lung cancer treatment. This may to an extent show positive result of lung cancer cure. Please note that it is used in limited stages of the disease. The type of surgery depends on where the tumor is located in the lung.

Anyways this may help to relieve severe symptoms but does not cure the cancer totally. But surely gives the patient a better life when compared to before surgery.

Nowadays also less invasive surgical methods are under study. Thanks to the advance research. They require a much smaller incision and allow the patient to be up within hours after surgery ends.

Immunotherapy, another type of treatment method of lung cancer sure uses drugs that boost the patient’s immune system to help control cancer. When these drugs are given after surgery, some studies, but not all have shown better survival rates.

The Gene therapy treatment may also be used as a combination treatment for lung cancer cure. This method slows their growth when healthy genes are delivered directly into a lung tumor or kills the cancer cells.

Now, if luckily you have limited disease you are most likely to have chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Radiotherapy to your chest may be given soon after alongside chemotherapy to help stop the cancer from coming back. In other words this will reduce the cancer recurrence.

If you want to know something about the lung cancer survivor stories, you can read inspirational lung cancer survivor stories. These stories are indeed full of inspiration and hope.

You’ll find most of these cancer survivor stories really heart touching which will definitely wet your eyes as you go through their struggles and hardships and their emotions.

It is our belief that cancer survivor stories or testimonials will help encourage you in your fight if you are one of the fighter. One example concerns a man who visited his doctor for a bad cough.

After initially being diagnosed with severe allergies, the man’s doctor was suspicious and referred him to a lung specialist.

Several tests and numerous biopsies later, it was discovered that he had developed a mass on one of his lungs. His worst fears were confirmed with the news that he had cancer on his right lung.

Numerous such lung cancer survivor stories from patients who have successfully fought and defeated lung cancer are available on sites.

An important suggestion, this is especially true for people who have been diagnosed with lung cancer. People with lung cancer who stop smoking live longer and have higher lung cancer cure rate according to the study.