Radiation Therapy for Lung Cancer Side Effects

Keep in mind regarding the radiation therapy for lung cancer side effects that during your treatment you have to take special care of yourself to minimize the damage done by radiation to the healthy cells. There are some tips you could use to make the discomfort more manageable.

Radiation Therapy for Lung Cancer Side Effects

Skin irritation

It is common for people to be affected by skin irritation after a few weeks of the treatment. The area may become red, tender, dry and itchy. If you are treated for a long period of time, the side effect can become quite serious. You can make it better if you clean the affected area with gentle soap and warm water.

In case you are thinking about the adverse effects of radiation therapy for lung cancer you should remember to always use sunscreen if the treated skin is exposed to sunlight. Cosmetics, deodorants and perfumes shouldn’t be used on the skin but it might help to apply unscented lotion or cream.


Another side effect is fatigue. The fatigue gets worse with each treatment and it can become very severe. The good news is that the fatigue gets better 1-2 months after the completion of the treatment.

Hair loss

A lot of people think about this one of the lung cancer radiation therapy adverse effects. Usually hair loss is experienced in the area that is exposed to the radiation therapy. The effects can be temporary or permanent, depending on the length of the treatment.


When thinking about the radiation therapy for lung cancer side effects, you should know that it is common for the esophagus to get inflamed. The esophagus is sensitive to radiation and the most damage is done in case of the patients who also receive chemotherapy.

Inflammation of the lungs

This one of the negative effects of lung cancer radiation therapy is also known as radiation pneumonitis. This usually appears 3-6 months after the treatment is completed. It results in shortness of breath and coughing along with fever. Usually there is no need for treatment as it goes away on its own.

It is best to be prepared for the radiation therapy for lung cancer side effects, so that they won’t get you by surprise if you have to go through a treatment of this kind.