Smokers Pay No Heed to Graphic Cigarette Warning Labels

Health officials and authorities hoped that they would be able to curb smoking by putting graphic pictures on cigarette packets, which warn of the terrible consequence of smoking.

smokingHowever, images such as a young girl having a coughing fit from smoke, a woman dying of lung cancer as a result of smoking, and a body bag being zipped up are not likely to get people to kick their habit.

The images may be disturbing, but they are not likely to deter those who are already having the smoking habit.

According to 18 year old smoker Jude Morris, “If you’re addicted, you’re addicted. No matter what you see you’re still going to do it. It’s the same as alcohol or even crack — you know it’s bad but you’re still going to do it because you’re addicted.”

In spite of the best efforts of health regulatory agencies, the response to these graphic images is basically that of “who cares?”, with smokers being little or not at all deterred by these images when they do really want a cigarette.

According to another smoker, “you’re a smoker, you don’t pay attention to the package. You’re jonesing for a cigarette so you go ahead and buy a pack.”

Smokers who wish to quit have the option to go to addiction treatment centers and seek help there. Another option for those seeking to kick the addiction is the electronic disposable cigarette, which has the look and feel of a real cigarette, but without the chemical additives and odor of tobacco.