Melanoma Skin Cancer

Though melanoma skin cancer is the most dangerous among the other types of skin cancer it holds good curable record.

This is the only type of cancer which is recognized to be 100% curable.

If this is not treated promptly it can even spread to other parts of the body upon which the treatment becomes difficult and the condition more critical.

Causes of Melanoma Skin Cancer

There are various causes and risk factors behind the development of melanoma skin cancer. Although everyone is at some risk for this cancer the most likely risk factors are described below.

Sun exposure should be avoided as the powerful UV rays are responsible for skin damage which may lead to melanoma skin cancer. The number of moles on the body should not cross more, its always a high risk if you develop many moles irrespective of their type. (Skin Cancer Mole)

Basically they are two types of moles one being the birth or beauty marks which everyone one develop in early years of their age and other which are called the dysplastic nevi which are a threat to skin cancer.

Surprisingly people who are much fair are at high risk of developing the melanoma skin cancer. Family history also plays a role in developing melanoma skin. This disease can recur. If you are weak then you are more susceptible to develop this disease.

Melanoma Skin Cancer Symptoms

Melanoma skin cancer is very much predictable. One should keep in mind that the moles, brown spots and growths on the skin which are not as usual should be diagnosed or be reported to the doctor.

According to studies anyone who has more than 100 moles is at greater risk for developing the melanoma skin cancer. The first and foremost symptom or sign of melanoma skin cancer is one or more a typical moles. Observation and knowing your skin better is a must and should for early detection.

Any abnormal changes in the mole should not be neglected. Know the ABCD’s of the melanoma’s and if you find one or more feature than attention is needed. Any mole which is asymmetrical, irregular bordered, color changed and diameter is increased or noticeable change in size then report to doctor.

Melanoma Skin Cancer Treatment

The best way to treat melanoma skin cancer is the surgical method. The melanoma skin cancer treatment can give best results if the disease is at its early stage. Even if the disease is advanced there is still scope for cure. Like any other cancer the melanoma skin cancer best weapon to fight against the disease is early detection.

For initial stage the melanoma skin cancer treatment is surgery. For advanced stages various combination methods of treatments may be used. Many new discoveries prove various advanced methods of melanoma skin cancer treatments for treating advanced metstatic stage.

If the cancer is large the surgery may be needed initially to remove the diseased area and then later to splice space created by former surgery. Due to this method of melanoma skin cancer treatment even the advanced skin cancers are able to be treated with much less complications.

The other method of melanoma skin cancer treatment is chemotherapy in which the anticancer drugs are administered into the patient body either orally or through the blood vessel.

By this method the drugs enter the entire body through the blood stream. Chemotherapy is usually used to treat the advanced cases either single or in combination with surgery.