Know the Long Term Effects of Asbestos Exposure

Many of you may be using asbestos at home to cover a portion of your terrace or to create a shade over the loosely made store room at the back of your house. But few of you know that sometimes the asbestos used is unsafe and can have ill effects on your body. It is a combination of 6 silicate material and microscopic fibers.

When asbestos reacts with fire or water or even very strong winds, these fibers get released in the air and you can inhale them. Inhaling asbestos remnants is injurious to health as they can cause health hazards.

long term effects of asbestos exposure

Effects of Exposure to Asbestos

  •  You will start losing your appetite and there will be a considerable decrease in your weight. This is the first indication that you are being affected by the asbestos. But this is just not a symptom, but also an effect that asbestos has on your body.
  • Lung cancer- As you breathe in the small fibers and the silica components that get released in the air, your lungs react adversely to these material. This may result in tumor in the lungs and you can suffer from lung cancer.
  • Asbestosis – Exposure to asbestos can cause difficulty in breathing resulting in wheezing and coughing and that can put pressure on your lungs.
  • Mesothelioma – This is a type of cancer that affects the inner linings of your lungs and chest cavity. Sometimes even you abdomen will feel cramps and the linings are affected.
  • You can also feel that water or fluid is acculmulated around your lungs and chest due to exposure to asbestos.
  • You may not realize this easily but the inner membranes of your lungs often get thickened by asbestos exposure. You will only realize it when you find it difficult to breathe and while you get tired while treading upwards.
  • It is possible that your fingertips and toes have become rounder and wider and that is a clear indication of the adverse effects that asbestos has had on them.
  • Though rare, you will hear that asbestos exposure causes cancer in the kidney, throat, brain, voice box, bladder, your gastrointestinal tract, and your intestines. The main reason for these health conditions is the air that you breathe in that contains asbestos remnants. These fibers get fused with the air and the small silica particles react with your body.

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