Leukemia Treatment or Blood Cancer Treatment

The malignant growth of cells in the blood cells results the Leukemia or blood cancer.

It is suppose to be the most common type of cancer is children. It may affect any of the blood cells like the white blood cells, red blood cells and the platelets.

Leukemia or blood cancer most likely affects the white blood cells.

As a result of leukemia or blood cancer the bone marrow starts making many white blood cells and these cells do not work in a right way, instead of growing slowly they start growing rapidly and do not stop multiplying leading to over production of cells. These many cells start accumulating at a certain point.

The goal of leukemia treatment or blood cancer treatment is to destroy the leukemia cells and allow normal cells to form in the bone marrow as usual. The leukemia treatment or the blood cancer treatment decisions are based on the type of leukemia one has, its stage, and person age and general health.

Leukemia Treatment or Blood Cancer Treatment with Surgery

As leukemia is not confined to a specific area surgery does not play a major role in managing the disease. This disease is widespread through out the body and cannot be treated by surgery. For diagnosis the bone marrow aspiration is taken into consideration.

The only reason for minor surgery is to provide access to insert a plastic tube into the large vein in the chest or the upper arm. This is done to reduce the repeated insertions of the needle required to induce the drug during the chemotherapy method of leukemia treatment or the blood cancer treatment.

Also splenectomy which involves the removal of the spleen may be the only surgical procedure performed during the treatment of blood cancer. Therefore, surgical removal of the spleen is a form of therapy that may improve symptoms and blood profiles in some blood cancer patients.

Radiation Therapy

Using the powerful rays the cancer cells are destroyed or to shrink the tumors, this method is radiation therapy. Radiation is the leukemia treatment or blood cancer treatment which can be applied to one area or to the whole body.

Sometimes it is used to treat leukemia that has spread to the brain and central nervous system or to prevent this spread. It may also be used to shrink swollen lymph nodes, or to prepare the body for a bone marrow transplant.


Chemotherapy is the use of drugs to fight cancer. It is the usual treatment for acute leukemia or blood cancer. This method of leukemia treatment or blood cancer treatment for most people means receiving drugs in three stages which are induction, consolidation and the maintenance.

The first stage involves the remission where the cancer cells are destroyed and are replaced with the healthy cells. The second stage aims to kill any left over cancer cells. The final stage involves the prevention of cancer cells from coming back.

Stem Cell Transplants

This procedure of leukemia treatment or blood cancer treatment aims to kill the cancer cells in the bone marrow and replace them with normal cells. This is of two types the autologous where the cells used for replacement are from the same body and allogeneic where the healthy cells are donated by other person.