Oral Cancer Therapy – Treatment And Advice

hea;thy snackAfter being diagnosed with oral cancer a team of doctors including a surgery specialist and a dentist elaborate an individual treatment plan.

In the most cases the surgical intervention is necessary followed by radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

The medical consult and opinion are a must during the entire treatment period because only this way the results can be accurately monitored.

Every time a person consumes food and drinks containing sugars and starch the bacteria living inside the mouth produce acids which attack the teeth for at least 20 minutes.

In order to prevent the permanent damage to the teeth the consumption of these types of food groups has to be limited. A healthy snack, like cottage cheese, raw vegetables or fruit is a better idea. During the oral cancer treatment the patient is asked to follow certain rules in order that the diet will not interfere with the treatment.

The radiotherapy in the oral cancer has certain secondary effects. After the irradiation of the head and throat, many people feel an irritation of the mouth tissues, the sensation of “dry mouth” and swallowing difficulties.

The radiotherapy also increases the risk of the increasing cavities apparition so a thorough hygiene of the teeth, mouth and throat is mandatory.

The patient must keep constant communication with the doctors discussing any possible problems that may appear during or post oral cancer treatment. The doctor can also provide valuable information concerning the possible side effect that may appear post treatment.