Top 5 Myths about Cancer

Cancer is a word that leaves a vacuum in your mind – due to fear and unproven myths. There are plethora of old theories on how cancer starts and spreads, most of them are scientifically wrong but when you do not know the real fact you might actually overlook the possibilities of preventive methods and proper treatment decisions.

These false ideas related to cancer will only increase your anxiety and worsen the health condition of the sufferer, thereby posing a hurdle to the treatment of the disease. There are different things about cancer which you might come to know through various sources and that can further confuse you from differentiating facts from fiction. Here are the latest science-based information about some very common cancer myths and misconceptions, along with the proven facts –

myths about cancer

Top 5 Cancer Myths

1. Myth: Cancer is a Modern Man made Disease

Fact: The fact is, cancer existed in the ancient world also but it is definitely true that the modern lifestyle has increased the rate of cancer. The diet, lifestyle, smoking, drinking, pollution and other factors have great impact in increasing the risk of cancer.

2. Myth: Cancer Grows on Sugar

Fact: It has been a proven fact that cancer cells consume more glucose than the regular cells but that does not prove that eating sugar can worsen your cancer and reducing the sugar intake will cure you out of cancer. To have a healthy life style you should avoid high calorie food like sugar as it may lead to obesity and diabetes along with other health issues thus exposing you to the risk of cancer.

3. Myth: You will get Cancer only if your Family Member has had it

Fact: To go by the numbers only 5-10% cancers are inherited. Mostly cancer is the result of mutation which is usually triggered by your lifestyle and many other environmental factors. Even the reason of such changes is not very clear to the doctors.

4. Myth: Cancer is Contagious

Fact: A big no is the answer to this myth. Cancer cannot spread from one person to the other. This situation can only arise if you receive an organ from a person who was suffering from cancer. Such cases are really rare as doctors avoid using the organs of those who have a history of the disease.

5. Myth: Deodorants and Antiperspirants Cause Cancer

Fact: Till date no such evidence has been diagnosed. Few reports have pointed that they contain harmful aluminium compounds but no studies have given the answer whether they are cancer causing elements.