Overcoming Peritoneal Cancer With Natural Remedies

peritoneal cancerIt is still unknown what the primary causes of peritoneal cancer are. But like most type of cancers, it is commonly diagnosed among older people and rarely occurs in men. There are different conventional ways of treating peritoneal cancer especially if discovered while it is still in its early stages, but there are also natural remedies that you can consider to enhance your physical and emotional condition.

Nutritional Therapies

Nutritional therapy is based on the nutritional diet of the patient wherein special doctors develop a diet or a supplement with specific ingredients that will help treat their illness. For peritoneal cancer, wheat grass, bovine cartilage and co enzyme Q-10 when combined can be an effective supplement to cure peritoneal cancer.


A study has been conducted to prove this therapy as an effective cure for peritoneal cancer. A patient was observed while she takes the supplement before her surgery. After some months, the patient has shown continued improvement in her physical and emotional health.

Breathing Therapies

Many experts would recommend breathing therapy if the patient diagnosed with peritoneal cancer is having difficulty in breathing. The patient will undergo breathing training that will teach them techniques to draw more oxygen as they breathe.

Yoga has unique breathing exercises that can help improve not only the patient’s breathing but also help release stress caused by his or her ailment.

Massage Therapies

Massage is another natural remedy recommended for peritoneal cancer patients. It reduces stress and soothes the muscle and promotes relaxation for the whole body. These benefits can help the patient cope up with his daily struggles caused by the ailment.

Reflexology is one of the massage therapies that a peritoneal cancer patient can undergo. It focuses on massaging and applying pressure to the feet that can enhance the quality of life and reduce the stress caused by their illness.

Meditation Therapies

Patients diagnosed with peritoneal cancer deal with the stress and pain every day. Not to mention the added side effects of the medicinal treatment they undergo regularly. Meditation can help the patient control his anxieties and focus more on relaxing their emotions that will greatly improve his physical and emotional well being.

Meditation is a part of many religions. This is when patients go into a deeper state of relaxation and awareness that helps them relieve stress and help them deal with their sickness.

Traditional Therapies

Traditional therapies are practiced since ancient times usually in Asian countries. Acupuncture is one of the oldest and most popular traditional therapies that is still widely practiced until today. Studies show that peritoneal cancer patients may also consider taking traditional therapies to enhance their physical health and improve their quality of life.

One must remember that these natural remedies are not to replace the conventional medicinal treatments but only as a remedy to enhance the healing effect of your treatment plan developed by your doctor. It is best to consult your doctor regarding these natural remedies to know which alternative remedy would best complement your medicinal treatment.

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