Studies For The Treatment Of Multiple Myeloma

Multiple MyelomaBecause multiple Myeloma is so difficult to control many researchers are looking for more effective treatments, treatments with fewer adverse effects.

The aim of the medical research is to find new ways to care for patients with complications caused by this destructive form of plasma cancer that is affecting over 12000 Americans every year.

When laboratory researchers find a new method of fighting the cancer, the doctors start using it in treatment.

These treatments are tested in clinical trials. The trials are used to determine if the new treatment is effective, and if it has less adverse effects.

If the new method is both safe and effective the practice continues until the treatment method is certified and publicly released. The patients who participate in clinical trials have an important contribution to the medical science and may have the first chance to benefit from the improving treatment.

During these clinical trials for the treatment of the multiple Myeloma the doctors test other medicines or new anticancer drugs sometimes together with radiotherapy treatment.

Doctors believe that high doses of cancer treatment and radiotherapy may be more effective than usual doses in destroying Myeloma cells.

However, high doses may cause severe damage to the bone marrow’s healthy cells. New discoveries in the nowadays treatment are oriented to help recover the health of the marrow or to allow doctors the replacement of the damaged marrow.

These marrow replacement methods are the red marrow transplant, and the peripheral stem cell therapy with colony stimulating factors.