What Happens After The Removal Of A Lung Tumor?

checkupEvery patient wants to know if the entire tumor was removed successfully.

Although the surgeon will be able to tell you directly how well the operation went, results of samples taken near the lymph nodes will be received after seven to ten days.

When the results are available, your doctor will meet to discuss whether you should continue treatment. If so, you will be recommended a specialist in clinical oncology.

You can go home as soon as the drainage tubes of your chest are removed, you can eat and drink well and any problems identified are resolved before discharge. Usually lasts from 5 to 10 days or longer if there are complications.

The needed post surgery medication will be prescribed by the treating physician before the patient leaves the hospital. A letter containing details of the operation and further treatment will be given to be brought forward the family doctor. The regular check up is usually after six to eight weeks after surgery.

You should arrange for someone to take you home. If this is difficult, you can talk to the head nurse or doctor to contact necessary arrangements. If you have trouble in the early days when you return home contact the hospital.

When you get home you should avoid effort for a number of weeks, usually about a month.

Remember that you have had major surgery and have to rest for the scar to heal completely. It may be possible to feel a little tired or depressed for several days. This is normal since you are probably exhausted. And this is something normal and might take longer than you expect it.

Although your wound will heal in a few months, it is not uncommon for some to feel numbness or pain around the scar. Take analgesics regularly and try to apply an electrical pillow on the scar. Warm baths and showers can also help improve the pain.

If the pain persists you must visit your doctor.