Folic Acid and Ovarian Cancer Screening – How Do They Affect Cancer Risk?

Ovarian cancer is often known as a silent killer since it can be difficult to detect it in the early stages (less than 20% of ovarian cancers are detected in the early stage before it has spread outside the ovary). And recent news about ovarian cancer is not heartening in that according to researchers at the Duke University, ovarian cancer screening is not as effective as previously thought.

folic acid fortificationAccording to Laura Havrilesky, MD, of the Duke Cancer Institute, the tests currently available for detecting ovarian cancer are just not enough to save enough lives; that other ways have to be found to reduce the number of deaths that result from ovarian cancer.

Meanwhile another study is warning that the routine folic-acid fortification of foods could elevate cancer risk. It is something of a paradox, that in spite of this fortification, women of child bearing age, who are the target group of this folic acid fortification are not benefiting from it.

It has been found that one in five women is not getting enough of the vitamin themselves. Owing to this, experts are of the view that the folic acid fortification program itself needs to be reexamined.