Is It Possible To Predict Who Can Develop Ovarian Cancer?

Actually, it is not predictable by even doctors why one woman can develop ovarian cancer and other does not. But, there are certain factors that can put you at risk of ovarian cancer. Some of the most common factors include:

Previous episodes of cancer

If you have personal history of other types of cancer like breast, uterus, rectum or colon cancer, then you are susceptible at higher levels to develop ovarian cancer in future.


When you have trouble in getting pregnancy, you have chances to get ovarian cancer as well. Even though the link between ovarian cancer and infertility is not clearly understood, many studies indicate that women with infertility are at greater risk of ovarian cancer.


As you already know, Weighing more can pose you many health problems physically and also emotionally as well. But, do you ever thought of ovarian cancer? Being overweight is linked to more aggressive form of ovarian cancer. So, try to reduce your weight in a healthy way as soon as possible.

Apart from these factors, undergoing HRT, family history of cancer, age, inherited genes also increase ovarian cancer risk.

However, having any of these particular conditions doesn’t guarantee that you can develop ovarian cancer. But, you can take few preventive measures to avoid ovarian cancer, when you have any of these mentioned risk factors.