Diabetes Can Increase Your Cancer Risk Say Researchers

According to a joint statement from the American Cancer Society as well American Diabetes Association, those that have type 2 diabetes are at increased risk of developing cancer.

Risk of developing several cancers such as endometrial cancer, liver cancer and pancreatic cancer have shown a twofold increase among those who have the lifestyle disease of type two diabetes.

Risk of developing other cancers as well, such as breast cancer, bladder cancer and colorectal cancer is also seen to increase; though to a lesser extent than the other cancers.

Diabetes as well as cancer are seen to be more prevalent among people who are older, with sedentary lifestyles, with poor diets. Since these are risk factors for both diseases, some explanation for the correlation can be obtained.

There are however other more complex biological factors that may also be at work: cancer risk could also be increased by blood sugar and insulin levels. Also hormone like substances that are found in fat are seen to be contributors to cancer risk.

For diabetics, it is important to lower cancer risk by adopting healthy lifestyle habits to maintain a healthy weight, eat a balanced diet and lead an active life that includes lots of exercise. Also it is important to speak to one’s doctor about appropriate and timely screenings for cancer.