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Pancreas Cancer ResearchLet’s find out some useful information on pancreas cancer and its various support groups helping the needful.

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Do you know? Pancreas cancer strikes approximately 5 out of every 100,000 people every year and is one of the deadliest forms of cancer. Quiet Sickening!

Pancreas cancer is not SINGLE! In fact, as many as twenty different tumors have been lumped under the umbrella term “pancreas cancer.”

Each of these tumors has a different appearance when examined under the microscope.

Some of these forms require different treatments, and each carries its own unique prognosis. For rational treatment an understanding of the different types of pancreatic tumors is required.

Mutations play a role!! Pancreas cancer is a genetic disease which means that it is caused by changes in DNA. These sudden changes in DNA are called mutations.

These changes can be inherited, this means that we are born with them or they can be acquired, meaning they develop after we are born.

The acquired changes can be the result of either bad luck during cell replication or by exposure to carcinogens (cancer causing chemicals) such as those found in cigarette smoke and the inherited changes explain why this disease runs in some families.

Pancreas cancer Vaccine!! This cancer vaccine, unlike vaccines for childhood infections, is a vaccine used to treat existing disease. For this vaccine to work Pancreas cancer must already have been diagnosed.

The vaccination causes an immune response that targets the disease. We can think of this as a battle between the pancreas cancer and the immune system.

Unable to maintain weight! Yes, it is very difficult for this type of disease patient to maintain weight for several reasons. Many patients lose their appetite and the normal taste of food as a result of byproducts released from the cancer.

Because the pancreas is not working properly even the food that is eaten may not always be digested well.

Intake of Pancreatic Enzymes helps!! If the pancreatic duct is obstructed before or after surgery, the pancreas may not release sufficient amounts of pancreatic enzymes. Therefore some patients will benefit from taking pancreatic enzymes.

Unfortunately, the problems with weight do not end there. The majority of patients with will still lose weight even if they are eating and digesting their food sufficiently.

Good Going!! The discovery marks the identification of the first genetic defect that is directly linked to pancreas cancer. Researchers will now be able to sequence the gene, which has the potential to yield promising new insights into this disease by locating the region of the mutation.

Be Generous! All you readers sitting out there can help in a small effortless way to help the needful by ordering your holiday flowers and support Pancreas cancer Research.

Yes, lots of online support groups are helping people to fight back the dreadful disease in a way providing funds from the profits collected from these online purchases specifically for the pancreas cancer research.

You are not alone in this fight. This is the message spread by almost all the online sites. The Pancreas cancer Alliance exists to support you in your fight against this disease. We are a local organization in Central Massachusetts of patients and families affected by pancreas cancer.

Pancreas cancer research lags behind the tremendous strides made in the fight against leukemia, breast cancer, and AIDS.

Fact! Pancreas cancer, the nation’s 4th leading cancer killer, ranks just 17th in research funding from the National Cancer Institute. That’s really bad news so please help in the research.

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