Fizzy Drinks May Cause Pancreatic Cancer

The intake of two bottles of sweet fizzy drinks during a week increases the risk of triggering the pancreatic cancer because of the large content of sugar these drinks bring into the blood.

Very different from the precedent studies in this area mostly conducted on European or American volunteers the new study was mostly focused on the Asians, more particularly on a group of 60,000 persons living in Singapore.

The interest of the scientists was motivated by the fact that in their opinion the lifestyle of the people living on the Asian continent becomes more occidental everyday, many of them approaching a diet very far from the old traditional nutrition elements their genetic heritage is accustomed to.

The main cause for the problem turns out to be the sugar but still there is not enough proof so this could be considered as main cause for such a terrible disease like pancreatic cancer.

The study has focused mainly on the sweet drinks currently present on the market and that conclusion was that all of them are presenting a significant danger for the persons who are leading a life away from the rules of a healthy nutrition.

The participants were usually consuming at least two bottles of sweet drinks during the week and they were mostly young males which were not practicing sports and which used to smoke, drink alcohol and follow a diet very rich in calories.

The researchers have tried to establish diverse connections between this discovery and other food items associated with the pancreatic cancer like the intake of red meat.

A diet rich in protein associated with the intake of drinks rich in sugar, also containing preservatives and other synthetic components was proven to increase the level of toxins inside pancreas.

Since the pancreatic cancer is the type of cancer with the fastest evolution in grownups, less than 5% are able to live more than five years since they are diagnosed.

More accurate monitoring of the diet will for sure be able to keep the body safe from contacting this terrible disease.

It is common knowledge that a healthy body is the result of a balanced diet and lifestyle in which people are focused on the right choice of food and also practice a type of physical activity.

The studies have shown that a balanced life style with no excesses can be the right way to prevent cancer and this might also be the right recipe for keeping the pancreatic cancer away.