Caramel Color and Cancer Risk; the Connection Between Balding and Cancer Risk

Different causal relationships keep getting established between cancer and other substances; equally there are seen to be connections existing between cancer and other conditions that we have, the most recent of which are –

caramel colouringRecently a consumer group has called for the ban of the caramel food coloring because of its alleged cancer risk.

It is the caramel color that is made by causing sugar to react with sulphites and ammonia at high pressure and temperature and which gets added to sodas and other foods as color that is to blame, claim US consumer advocacy groups.

Studies conducted on animals suggest that these artificially produced food colors could be carcinogenic leading to the call to ban them.

Meanwhile, research conducted at the Paris Descartes University in Paris why balding may be undesirable for men, for reasons other than vanity – men who start balding in their 20’s have an increased risk of prostate cancer as compared to men who bald later in life.

This is confusing to say the least – other studies have shown that balding actually decreases cancer risk. As to how there is a link between balding and cancer risk, it is been suggested that it is the involvement of the androgens, and more the testosterone hormone that can be the cause for both – while it can inhibit hair growth on the head, it could cause expansion of prostate cells.