Dealing With Prostate Cancer

prostate cancerProstate cancer usually does not have any symptoms until it has spread to other parts of your body.

These symptoms will include blood in your urine, frequency of urination, and you will even see blood in your semen.

You may have prostate cancer and are wondering what kind of complications will arise with this disease.

Complications will come from not only the disease itself, but also the prostate cancer treatments that you will have to fight this disease.

Your physician will want to administer a prostate or rectal exam, to determine if you have prostate cancer. Early detection is best, as with any disease, when fighting prostate cancer.

Sexual Dysfunction

Most men are concerned, when diagnosed with prostate cancer, whether they will have erectile dysfunction or even impotence. These two conditions can occur because of having the cancer, and because of treatments such as radiation and hormone therapy.

Surgery can also cause these two conditions to appear. If these conditions persist you may want to use certain medications to help you maintain an erection, while having sexual intercourse.

The last resort that you may want to consider is implants. These penile implants are surgically implanted and they will help you to obtain, and keep an erection.

Cancer Spreading

You are probably concerned about your prostate cancer spreading to your other organs, bones, the lymphatic system, and even your blood stream.

When these types of complications happen, your physician will want to treat you with certain treatment plans that could include chemotherapy, hormone, and radiation therapy.

Bone Cancer

If your prostate cancer develops into bone cancer, you may experience pain. Once you have had treatments for prostate cancer, your pain may go away. You can also take pain medications, prescribed by your doctor, to alleviate your pain.

In more severe cases, it may require you to go to a physician who specializes in pain management. Your physician and health care providers will be able to help you live with your pain and discomfort, no matter how severe it is.

Incontinence with Cancer

If you have prostate cancer, incontinence is something that you may not want to discuss. This discomfort may be embarrassing for you. The treatment that your physician prescribes will depend on what incontinence symptoms you have.

Treatment will also depend on the severity of your problem. Your physician may set up a plan for you to go to the bathroom at certain times of the day. He or she may want you to do strengthening exercises that will strengthen your muscles in your pelvic area.

They may also prescribe certain medications that will help you with this problem. In certain cases, your physician may have to do other procedures, such as implanting artificial devices, to help you with your incontinence. There is sanitary underwear that you can purchase to use, until you will be able to conquer your problem.

Although this is a condition that no man would like to have, it is good to know that there are solutions to the complications of prostate cancer.