Dynamite May Cure The Prostate Cancer

The prostate cancer is currently the most frequent male cancer in Europe and, on an average scale, every year is diagnosed around 177 new cases in every country. From these diagnosed cases, 7.3% of the patients die annually from this cause.

In order to prevent the occurrence of prostate cancer, every man has to be aware of the necessity of consulting a proctologist at least annually and even more often if cases of prostate cancer are present in the family history.

A chemical compound found inside the manufacturing process of the dynamite can become a viable cure for prostate cancer.

The British scientists have discovered that using a small amount of nitroglycerine in the treatment performed on the prostate cancer patients can actually stop the tumor’s evolution.

The researchers have developed an opinion according to which a small amount of this substance introduced inside the blood stops the tumor from developing by raising the level of nitric oxide inside the human blood cells.

Since the previous studies have concluded that the tumor is developing more rapidly in the absence of this oxide the study needed to monitor a control group over an extended period of time.

During the study conducted in Belfast, the scientists have created a skin bandage with a very small content of nitroglycerine which, when applied on the skin, stops the evolution of the prostate tumors.

The study was conducted on a segment of 24 men all diagnosed with prostate cancer that previously have undergone the radiotherapy treatment or have suffered a surgical removal of the prostate.

In order for a reliable conclusion to be obtained, the volunteers have carried the skin bandages 24 hours on the arm or abdomen for a two year period of time.

After a few months, the scientists have checked the evolution and have concluded that the antigen level specific to the prostate cancer have dropped significantly post this treatment.

Since nitroglycerine has been used in much larger dosage for more than a century in treating heart angina and as additional treatment in severe heart problems it comes as no surprise that science have found the opportunity to use it in the treatment of another destructive disease.

According to this study, the decrease in the azoth monoxide inside the body influences the tumor development rhythm and this can be stopped and controlled with the help of nitroglycerine.