Hormone Treatment And Therapy For Prostate Cancer Cure

Prostate Cancer CureLooking for some Prostate Cancer Cure information, here’s something for you.

The Prostate Cancer Foundation has a simple, yet urgent goal: to find better treatments and a cure for recurrent prostate cancer.

Are you stuck by prostate cancer? Don’t loose heart, because your best chance for surviving prostate cancer is detecting it at its early stage.

If this is your case then there is nearly a 100% chance for cure. Yes this is true.

Various treatment methods are available to cope up with the disease, helping in the prostate cancer cure process. Keep in mind also that these treatments can cause serious problems, such as impotence and incontinence.

But talking to your doctor before undergoing any treatment about the various side effects of the treatment methods is quite a good suggestion.

The most common and important treatment method of prostate cancer cure is the Prostate Cancer Hormone Therapy.

The primary strategy of prostate cancer hormone therapy is to decrease the production of testosterone by the testes or block the actions that testosterone has on the prostate cells.

Please note that prostate cancer hormone therapy cannot give a complete prostate cancer cure. But luckily it slows the cancer’s growth and reduces the size of the tumor(s).

Types of prostate cancer hormone therapy may be used in prostate cancer are orchiectomy and hormonal drug therapy.

Another type of hormonal drug therapy used in prostate cancer is an anti-androgen. Lowering androgen levels often makes prostate cancers shrink or grow more slowly.

Prostate Cancer Hormone therapy is the primary treatment for prostate cancer that has spread beyond the prostate. This is used to control the growth of prostate cancer. This is a way of prostate cancer cure.

Hope you heard of hormones. They occur naturally in your body and help in controlling the growth and activity of normal cells.

Prostate Cancer depends on the male hormone ‘testosterone’ for its growth. So if the amount of testosterone is lowered, it is possible to slow down or shrink the tumor. Sometimes the prostate cancer symptoms disappear completely.

This kind of treatment used for prostate cancer cure will usually work well for a few years. After that, in some men, the cancer stops responding to the hormone treatment and starts to grow again. This is called hormone refractory prostate cancer.

So in order to undergo this treatment for prostate cancer cure you should clearly talk to your doctor on what diet you should be so that you can boost up your immune system in order to go for the prostate cancer hormone therapy.

Also to avoid the recurrence this is most important, hope that you have or can minimize the risk of the recurrence.