Seed Implants Best For Prostate Cancer Treatment For Men Of All Ages

brachytherapyTreatment for prostate cancer may have number of options, but the daunting task could be to choose the right mix of therapies for an individual patient.

Earlier medical professionals have tipped the scales in favor of certain cancer treatment options for younger men diagnosed with prostate cancer.

But a recent study led by the scientists at The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research and North Shore-LIJ Health System found that age doesn’t make any difference while selecting prostate cancer treatment, particularly Prostate brachytherapy or ‘seed implants’.

Age didn’t seem to factor into the treatment equation, said Dr. Potters. Findings of the study were published in The Journal of Urology. “There is a whole politic to prostate cancer treatments,” added Dr. Potters. “But the bottom line is that brachytherapy is an appropriate option for men at any age.”

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