Caffeine And Exercise Are Preventing Skin Cancer

CaffeineCancer has, slowly but surely, become the plague of our era. It is the disease that people fear the most.

Despite all its efforts, modern medicine still has not been able to come with a permanent solution that will be effective against this disease.

One of the reasons for this is probably because cancer, as a disease, has many different types and subtypes.

They all affect different parts of the human body and they all react differently on various therapies.

Still with a lack of solution people turn more and more towards alternative medicine even though this form of medicine also hasn’t provided anything concrete in the battle against cancer and its forms.

It looks like we are on our own in this war. We have to do all that is in our power to protect ourselves from this terrible disease.

Even though people, in general, fear all of the cancer’s forms, there are some that they fear more, the skin cancer in particular. The constant growth in the number of cases with skin cancer has really made people fear the sun. And when medicine doesn’t give a cure there is nothing left but to try any other given alternative.

The latest research on this matter shows that cellular death on the skin cells is reduced by 20% at the persons consuming caffeine on a regular basis. This must be music for the ears of the people, especially those that enjoy drinking coffee.

But that is not all, the same research done on a study group practicing regular exercise proved almost the same result.

So, as it turns out coffee and some exercising will shield anyone from skin cancer.

This happens because the combination of these two important factors results in a higher resistance of the skin to UV rays.  If this is so, then people won’t have to fear the sunbeams that much anymore.

Well it is almost common knowledge that exercising is just one of the many ways to protect the body and the organism from harm but the caffeine, although despised by many doctors and nutritionists, proves to be a valuable ally in the fight against cancer.

So, besides exercising and being fit, a social activity like drinking coffee will make at least some people feel safer when it comes to skin cancer. A cup of coffee in the morning and some kind of exercise in the evening, or vice verse, will definitely reduce the risk of getting skin cancer.