Can Sunscreen Protect Your Skin From Skin Cancer?

Basically, sunscreen lotions help you protect against UV skin damage and sunburns. It can also protect your skin from squamous cell carcinoma by 40% and basal carcinomas up to some extent, which are two most common types of skin cancer.

But, do you know that it has not been conclusively shown that sunscreens protect against melanoma? Melanoma is one of the most fatal types of skin cancer, which can certainly cause great damage to your skin and eventually death to affected persons.

Don’t just rely on sunscreens

Sunscreens do not filter out all harmful UV radiation emitted from sun, particularly the radiation responsible to cause melanoma. However, they play a vital role in overall sun protection program. Sunscreens generally provide a very little protection against UVA and UVB rays.

So, it is always advised not to rely only on the use of sunscreens to protect your skin against most fatal melanoma. Apart from wearing a sunscreen, there are few other essential strategies which you have to follow to have damage free, glowing skin.

Choose best clothing for sun protection

The best and recommended clothing for sun protection is tightly woven, thick apparels made of wool or polyester and also denim. Dry material or clothes that can shrunk after washing are denser and provides better blockage of UV rays, unlike wet, stretched or bleached clothing.

So, whenever you are buying clothes for sun protection, it would be better for you to go for dry materials. It is highly recommended to choose clothes that completely cover your arms, legs and entire body and also avoid wet or bleached clothing while moving outdoors.

Get regular skin exams

Do you regularly consult your doctor for skin exams? It is very important to consult your doctor for regular skin exams at least once in every year. In addition, if you are older than 40, you are at increased risk of developing skin cancer.

Be aware of all these facts and not blame your regular sunscreens for skin cancer. Apart from using sunscreens, consider the mentioned suggestions and get a healthy skin.