Tan Still Desirable, In Spite Of Cancer Risk

One would think that a tan is one aspect of personal vanity that people would choose to eschew in the interests of protecting themselves from cancer risk; but recent surveys have shown that this is not so.

In a national survey, it was found that a majority of Americans still think that a tanned look is also healthy, attractive and even desirable. For many, it is a case of being aware of the perils of skin cancer, but even so, they are being attracted by the look of tanned skin. It is the perception of health, fitness and vitality that is associated with tanned skin.

sun tanDr. Zoe D. Draelos, a dermatologist and consulting professor at Duke University School of Medicine in Durham, N.C. sounded caution about tanning: according to Draelos, whether it is a tan or a burn, the skin is going to get damaged.

Skin spots, wrinkles and skin cancer are dangers, regardless of whether you get your tan from the sun or from tanning beds.

The sense that tanned skin is attractive is an ingrained attitude among many, and doctors feel it is challenging to try and bring about a change therein. People also need to be informed that Vitamin D obtained from food is as useful and effective for the body at that which is produced by virtue of sun exposure.