The Future Relies On A Vaccine To Fight The Skin Cancer

Being the most common cancer nowadays, the skin cancer gets diagnosed in very different stages but still presents a constant danger in the modern society.

The common knowledge underlines that the sun exposure without protection is the sure way towards melanoma, but there are people who avoid the sun but get skin cancer from different causes.

That is why the good news of a vaccine able to prevent the most frequent cancer type in the world seems something out of a fairytale.

The American researchers have created an experimental vaccine against the skin cancer and this vaccine will activate the fight against the cancer cells and strengthen the immune system of the human body.

Such a vaccine will develop a more effective procedure of protecting the body against the cancer danger but in the same time will require a change in the lifestyle of the people taking it.

The tests taken by the researchers have shown that the new vaccine can destroy the cancer cells and the only condition for its success will be the accurate information about the health history of the patient.

The experimented vaccine has proven to be very efficient in the case of the persons diagnosed with melanoma along with the base treatment for the skin cancer. This formula has proven to be very efficient; one out of four patients experiencing a shrinking of the tumor in half of the time estimated for treatment.

According to the oncology specialist Patrick Hwu, the vaccine has the ultimate purpose of helping the body to fight against the spreading of the skin cancer.

The experimented vaccine was inoculated to a patient control group and it has produced amazing results for 22% of the tested patients. Even more, the vaccine has delayed the trigger point of the disease from one month to three months.

Professor Len Lichtenfeld is very optimistic as the discovery of this vaccine is concerned because it can turn out to be a very effective treatment even from the very early diagnosis when the tumor has not developed very much.

Lichtenfeld is not ready to recommend it for general release because the testing is not yet complete but in the future he and his team will analyze and coordinate the results of the tests in order to develop a wider study having as final result the creation of a revolutionary step into preventing skin cancer.

The Americans are hoping that the creation of this vaccine will be able to alter the immune system making it able to fight and defend against the development of the skin cancer cells.