Essential Changes That You Have To Make After Gastrectomy!

Are you recommended to have gastrectomy? More often, gastrectomy is preferred for most severe stomach cancer symptoms.

When you have gastrectomy, it is quite common for you to experience nausea, vomiting, nutritional deficiency, weight loss, diarrhea and also dumping syndrome that takes place when the food enters into your small intestine quickly.

You can certainly experience all these side effects of stomach cancer, when you eat more food at a time, more than your digestive system’s capacity. So, if you are really concerned to control these particular changes in your health, here are few tips for you.

Make healthy food choices!

When your body doesn’t get required nutrients at right time and when you lose your ability to absorb essential nutrients, you can develop nutritional deficiencies. So, consult your personal dietician or general physician and take proper suggestions to make healthy food choices.

Implement small, frequent meals in your routine diet program!

After gastrectomy, your stomach may not be able to accommodate large amounts of food at a time. So, try to take small and frequent meals to improve your digestion. This can help you to add enough calories to your body by reducing intestinal symptoms.

Don’t eat in rush!

Avoid eating quickly or eating in hurry. As already said, after having gastrectomy, it is not possible for your stomach to accommodate or digest food quickly. If you eat quickly, you can experience nausea and vomiting certainly.

So, to avoid it, eat slowly and chew the food properly to improve your digestion process. Eating slowly and chewing food properly can increase your ability to absorb nutrients effectively.

Avoid drinking liquids between meals!

Even though it is important to consume more fluids, drinking fluids including water between your meals reduces your ability to absorb nutrients.

Consuming fluids with your meals significantly speed up the movement of food through the upper part of your digestive tract and reduces the ability to absorb essential nutrients. So, try to drink water at least after 60 minutes or before 30 minutes of having meals.

Carefully follow these particular tips after your gastrectomy. Consult your dietician and seek necessary help for planning healthy meals in your routine diet program.