Testicular Cancer Prevention With Testicular Self Examination!

Testicular Cancer PreventionTesticular cancer prevention is not proven yet. But if you are at early-stages of this cancer, then it can be cured by some tests and by performing testicular self-examinations regularly (TSE).

Testicular cancer prevention can be done with routine physical test by health professor or by self examination.

Health professor has to be consulted immediately when you have any discomfort in pelvis, lower back or scrotum.

For testicular cancer prevention, two methods are observed. They are:

  • Testicular treatment and
  • Testicular self-examination

Tests are conducted to detect the testis abnormalities or lumps. The male reproductive organs are testes that are present inside the scrotum which produce the sperms and testosterone, a hormone.

Their shape and size is same as an egg. A coiled tube called epididymis is at the back of testis that collects the sperms and stores them.

In the abdomen, the testis develops and before or after the birth, it descends into the scrotum. There will be increase in risk factor if the testis is not descended.

Testicular examination is the physical examination of the genital organs and groin done by the health professor. The presence of swelling, any visual signs of abnormalities, lumps or shrinking testis can be examined by the heath professor by feeling your organs.

Inflammation, pain, swelling, masses or lumps and congenital abnormalities in you are detected by the testicular examination for the presence of any testicular cancer.

The genital examination for any man or boy irrespective of age is important. The genitals should be examined in your babies for the undescended testis and congenital abnormalities.

For the detection of early-stage testicular cancer, the testicular examination is done in men between the ages 15 to 40 years. It occurs mostly in younger men than older one. If you are having early stage testicular cancer, it can be treated easily and can be cured fastly.

Testicular self examination (TSE) is used to detect the early stage testicular cancer. The testicular cancers are discovered as enlarged testis and lumps with out pain by the self-examination.

If your age is between 15 and 40 years, then you are recommended to have testicular self-examination monthly by the health professor.

But it is controversial. Monthly TSE is not needed for men with low risk of developing the testicular cancer. It is necessary for the men with high risk for developing this cancer. The risk factor can involve the family history of undescended testis and personal history of this cancer.

Immediate treatment is required if you have cancerous testicular lumps. The treatments used for testicular cancer prevention are surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

Surgery is done to remove the affected testis. The lymph nodes are also removed. For this purpose, the chemotherapy and radiation therapy are used.

Artificial testis is inserted into the scrotum for normal appearance. Your reproductive system is not affected as there is one normal testis.

Testicular cancer prevention is possible by Testicular treatment and Testicular self-examination.